Cliff Lee: Explanations To His Surprise Signing With The Phillies

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“There was not enough dialogue,” Lee said. “Basically they had an opportunity to get the best pitcher in baseball, too. I can’t blame them for choosing Roy Halladay over me basically.”

So there you have it and the mystery is solved. Cliff Lee never wanted to leave the Phillies in the first place. Like all of us he wanted to be where he was more comfortable. русские художники 21 века список About Patrick McHugh

I have been following Baseball for 22 years. As a kid I would spend most of my days playing baseball, reading baseball books, and collecting baseball cards. As a young adult the baseball playing died down but the reading and baseball card collecting continued. I dream of the day when Baseball may possibly become the "National Pastime" again. Until then I want whatever is best for the sport to help it flourish and attract fans.

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