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  1. If you were completely reprimanded from the Jets AFC Championship run in 2010, then you ought to know Brad Smith was an insanely major component of the Jets’ offensive scheming. The Wildcat, which is mostly irrelevant in the NFl, was highly utilized by the Jets in freeing blitz pressure on Sanchez in special offensive packages in ’09-’10 when Smith was a legitimate, must-study-for weapon on the Jets’ offensive front.

    You must be a rampant Broncos buff, crying about John Elway. There is no other legitimate explanation (or factual reasoning) for your obscure, and extensively opinionated post.

    Tebow means offensive gurus must spend extra time preparing for dynamic brands of offense, that otherwise wouldn’t be an issue if Tebow weren’t in uniform.

    Do your homework, chump.

    • The last part was uncalled for. I take it back.

    • I’m sorry, but did you read my “obscure, and extensively opinionated post”? Your argument doesn’t make it sound like you did. For starters I referenced the fact that the Jets had an effective wildcat attack with Smith. I don’t know why you thought I needed that reiterated. I’m not a Bronco buff and I never mentioned Elway or crying so I don’t know what you were really trying to say with that.

      The phenomenon is the only thing about Tebow that is relevant and if you read the article you’d understand why. The most important thing that you seemed to miss was the reduced number of reps that Sanchez will have in practice due the duel role of Tebow. Now if you think my reasoning off on that matter, which is the basis for my argument then maybe we can have a dialog. If you want to sling accusations, accuse me of not researching, or call me a chump; I’d like you to read the article first.

      • The so-called “Tim Tebow Effect” is entirely irrelevant, regardless of what you fight towards. The dude is a second-string QB for life, but does has the ability to give offensive coordinators a ‘headache.’ Yeah, that isn’t exactly supposed to be a prime resource (or distraction) for a team that seemingly knows how to score points in the redzone (like I said, 2nd best TD pct. in the redzone in the NFL in 2011). The Jets are a team highly constructed on the concept of “defense,” but team synergy is something extremely lacking in that highly touted secondary, not to mention the weapon deprived offense (i.e. Santanio Holmes recent inability to participate, and on defense…Revis’ newly, phony hold-out brigade).

        It’s all show for the green and white, and that’s why they can never compete with the New York football Giants…

        None of it really matters until September though, but your inability to give fans sufficient information is pathetic. I bet you’ve got an awesome dog that digs the conversation though.

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