Peyton’s A BRONCO!

Two weeks ago the Indianapolis Colts cut Peyton Manning for several reasons, most having nothing to do with his ability to play.  Since that time the NFL and the sporting world in general has been a buzz with possible location for his future playing days.  Today a list of 12 possible suitors is 1 and Peyton chose the Broncos.

On CanTalk I predicted that Denver would be Manning’s final destination and 2 weeks after the fact I wake up to 104.3 The Fan here in Denver praising the work that Hall of Famer John Elway had put into making this deal go a long shot on day one to a reality this morning.  With this one acquisition Elway has solidified the Broncos as a legitimate threat instead of a happy side show.

Next season Bronco fans can look forward to a consistent offensive attack that will look much different from the wild ride that was the 2011 season.  Now that Manning is going to come to Denver the Broncos can start spending the rest of their 38 million dollars of cap space.  I would expect, like most have speculated, that Jeff Saturday will soon be a member of the Broncos as well.  The Broncos are going to need a pass catching TE and there is no better option than Dallas Clark on the market.  Even though Denver has some good young receivers, I would be shocked if they don’t make a move for another top quality  receiver.

On defense the, the Broncos will now focus on their free agents from last season because they know how much they have to spend.  Also, I believe that most of the holes on the defensive side of the ball will be filled through the teams top draft choices.  They had great success last season in the draft and with no great free agents on the market at this point, it makes sense to go for younger talents.

The Broncos made a big move by making a play for Manning.  They risked a lot if they would be unable to get him and they still thought the risk was worth it.  All reports point to Manning being able to perform and perform at a high level. The neck is fine, the nerves are regenerating in his arm, and the mind has always been there.  Last season the Broncos won 7 games with Tim Tebow.  They won the division due to tie breakers and mad a splash in the first round of the playoffs.  Tebow was awful in all but 2 games and even in those games he was hardly good.  So, imagine if you will, a Broncos team headed by Manning with the same core players around him.  I see great things happening.

Manning was a great get and anyone that thinks otherwise doesn’t know a thing about football.  Manning is a proven asset that had an injury that has been repaired and he is close to being at 100% health wise.  The injury isn’t likely to be reoccurring so the risk is minimal in that respect.  He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer and one of 5 QB’s that could make a bad team a playoff contender.  Now he is on a good team that just needed a QB to make them real contenders for the next few years.

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