NASCAR’s Immoral Morality Clause

This past week Paige Duke, 1 of 3 Miss Sprint Cups, was fired from her job for breaking the morality clause in her contract. The clause states that the employee can not date drivers or harm Sprint’s image. So, what did she do that warranted firing? She took nude photos for her boyfriend 6 years ago and they have just now been discovered on the Internet. I have 2 issues with this. First, I don’t see how this harms Sprint’s image. Second, if Duke was fired for what she did 6 years ago (before she worked for NASCAR) why is Jeff Gordon allowed to drive for the same company?

I have seen the pictures of Paige Duke on the Internet and , while fairly graphic in nature, I can’t figure out how a naked woman makes Sprint look bad. I would understand more if these photo’s were taken since she started working for NASCAR, but they were taken 6 years ago. Duke was a freshman in college and had strong feelings for her boyfriend at the time so she snapped some photos at his request. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it naive? Absolutely. Is it a fireable offense? It shouldn’t be. 6 years ago sexting was in it’s infancy so it wasn’t like there were stories on the news about how these types of photos were being abused. Back then it didn’t seem like a risky move. The 18 year old girl that took those pictures had no idea that the 24 year old woman would see them on the Internet. Everyone that works for Sprint and NASCAR has been nude and some have taken pictures that way but Paige Duke, so far, is the only one that dated a real jerk.

So, 6 years ago an 18 year old girl takes some nude photos for her boyfriend and when the photos find their way onto the web with a name to go with the face then she is promptly fired. This goes against the companies morality clause yet Jeff Gordon can cheat on his wife and still be allowed to drive for the same company. How is this possible? Is a naked girl really more of an embarrassment to Sprint than an adulterer? The last time I checked, getting naked wasn’t against any religious doctrine. The bible specifically states, however, that cheating on your wife is forbidden. It’s the seventh commandment. What Paige did was innocent in intent, meaning she wasn’t trying to become a porn star she was just taking pictures for the man she loved at the time. Gordon wasn’t acting out of ignorance. He made a conscious decision to sleep with a woman that wasn’t his wife. If that isn’t a worse offense than taking a few naked photos that you never intended for more than one person to ever see then I know what is; Sprint having their priorities backwards and for that they should be fired.

6 years ago a naive 18 year old girl made a stupid mistake. Today she is being punished twice over for that mistake. Not only can anyone on the planet with Internet access see her completely naked, but she also lost her job. Paige Duke’s privacy has been ripped away from her and then she is called immoral by her former employer, an employer that has no problems continuing to employ a known adulterer. The one thing lost in this whole mess is the fact that, though she has been wrongfully fired and intimately exposed to millions, she has conducted herself with class and dignity. She hasn’t shied away from her mistake and in fact is owning it and not blaming Sprint or NASCAR for her firing. She wants to talk to young people about her mistake so that others can hopefully avoid making poor decisions that will potentially ruin their futures. Paige Duke sounds like the kind of woman I would want representing my company.

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  1. I just found out that I’m not the onlyone that is impressed with Paige Davis. She has been hired as Miss Sweetest Sundae and serves as a spokes model for their nationwide events. The Tigerlily Breast Cancer Foundation now benefits from Paige’s image, personality, and poise. I am more impressed with this young lady everyday and wish her luck in all of her future projects.

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