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As part of their pre-season prep, an Athlete takes a baseline test before the sports season begins (or when uninjured). This establishes a “snapshot” of their brain’s speed and accuracy. If an athlete becomes concussed, they should seek appropriate medical attention. When physical symptoms have resolved, under the care of their qualified medical provider, an athlete can perform another test.  The tests look identical because repeating the same tasks after the injury identifies any cognitive changes from the baseline. This ability to compare results helps indicate whether the brain has fully recovered. It is an important, objective tool for qualified medical providers making decisions about when it is safe for athletes to return to the classroom, practice or play—whether that’s bike riding, snowboarding, cheerleading, or football. тинькофф банк уфа адреса Why computerized cognitive testing?

Concussion causes subtle changes in the speed and accuracy of cognition (thinking). These changes are usually the last symptoms to go away after a concussion and they can be very slight. While not diagnostic, computerized testing березка из бисера схема does help identify change in cognition. In fact, it is very difficult to detect these changes without a computerized test which compares an individual to themselves pre-injury.  This means that baseline testing in the pre-season, before any injury occurs, is essential.

There are many companies that offer computerized testing with differing approaches to the test, validity, and internal integrity checks.

For instance, at an Athlete can complete the baseline test in about eight to 10 minutes. The test features four tasks with playing cards and is designed to be easy to use and fair for athletes from very diverse backgrounds. “The brain likes making sense of new things,” said David Darby, M.D., CogState chief medical officer and co-creator of the Axon Sports test, “and kids are easily bored. Concealing and revealing cards allows for anticipation and curiosity–which both brains and kids thoroughly enjoy.

The test results are available immediately and stored in the Athlete’s secure account. This allows an athlete to confidently play for multiple schools, clubs and leagues throughout their childhood, all while having access to their account and their aggregated testing history. It allows parents to share test results at the click of a mouse with coaches, team managers, and medical providers.

Because the changes that occur in cognition with head injuries are often subtle and can occur within the normal ranges of population norms, evaluation of cognitive performance (i.e. how impaired is the individual) can benefit from the addition of sensitive tools like the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool,” said Darby.

индовазин мазь инструкция Is it Valid?

For the past decade, validation studies have repeatedly proven the advantages of the Axon Sports CCAT for detecting cognitive change. The four tasks measure an Athlete’s processing speed, attention, learning and working memory. The validation efforts began in 2000 by establishing the properties necessary to detect change in cognitive function under a variety of comparisons and conditions. Several publications have reviewed the rationale behind using computerized cognitive testing by medical providers and have addressed validity issues. These studies showed the Axon Sports CCAT has minimal practice effects, good criterion, construct, test-retest and ecological validity.

So even though the Axon Sports test looks like a game and is motivating for the test-taker, the tasks are based on sound and well-established science. “The paradigms used are long-known psychological techniques regarding learning, memory, processing speed, and accuracy,” added Darby.

A winning sports team requires everyone to play a role. Play your part by educating yourself about concussions and the role baseline testing can play in the health and safety of young athletes.

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