What are the Odds?

Why be a professional athlete when you can get paid almost the same amount by standing in the way of everything with a pacifier in your mouth?  You are probably wondering how this is possible, as being a referee is pathetically easy. Consider the refs who keep the down and distance yardage in the NFL. Ever wonder how much they make? Well, according to Askmen.com, NFL officials make, on average, $80,000 for the regular season. That is $5,000 per game to stand there and hold up a post for 3 hours. Are you kidding me? And this is peanuts compared to what MLB ($190,000) and NHL ($168,000) refs make yearly. The dancing chicken twirling his buy one get one free mattress sign has more dignity than the average referee. At least dancing chickens don’t justly enrage people to the edge of sanity. I guess their undeservedly high salaries make sense when you consider the huge kick-backs the leagues must be getting for supporting so many recovering gambling addicts.

You can’t argue how immoral the system is when refs are gambling on games that they are officiating. I bet it’s pretty hard for them to predict those outcomes. It doesn’t seem like such an honest mistake when Zeb the Zebra has 25 large down on the 50 to 1 odd long shot in Vegas. Or how about that super important 4th and 1 that happens to be spotted a good yard more than it should? How can the standards for major sports league officials be so low? Why can football not challenge horrible calls on the field that continuously change the course of games for the worse? Why doesn’t Major League Baseball have replay???

There is no incentive for officials to call a good game because they do not get punished for calling bad games. Remember the umpire that ruined Armando Galarraga’s perfect game on the last out? The decent thing for any professional to do after making such a horrible blunder would be to hand in his keys and resign. Instead, the MLB rewarded the ump and spent the following 6 months praising his character and declaring him admirable for being able to bounce back from such a low moment. Why should we be praising someone who clearly screwed up one of the biggest calls ever? He should have been fired so that the little integrity the MLB still had wouldn’t be lost. At least the guy who sunk the Titanic had the decency to go down with it.

The crazy thing is that poor officiating isn’t a once and awhile deal. It happens in every minute of every game. Atrocious officiating is rampant in all sports at all levels. Isn’t it interesting how many series go to a game 7 in the NBA playoffs only to have the big game end in a complete blow out? This happens because the NBA has horrible ratings and needs to create drama by extending series. This extension is done though poor and biased officiating. The NBA has become more difficult to watch than any Real Housewives marathon. I propose that all you refs get together and play roshambo until there is only one left standing. Not even a ref could screw that game up.

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