So, the MLB baseball season is really long

This just in: the Major League Baseball regular season is 162 games.  That is really, really long.  And, the playoffs sometimes creep their way into November.  This means that some seasons go from late March to early November.  If you aren’t sick of baseball by September then you must not like football.

I’m sorry, but what is baseball thinking?  Once the NFL and NCAA football seasons start, it’s over.  Sure, people in the cities of the baseball teams in the playoffs still show some interest, but the remainder of the country for the most part shuts it off.  It’s football season!

I love baseball, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to be super excited about what’s going on in April with my team knowing that we still have over five months of regular season games to hear about.  I always get a mid-summer surge of excitement as the season is heating up around the all-star break, but then that usually dies down by August. 

Will I watch my fair share of Cubs and Rockies games this season?  Of course.  However, I will always stand by my opinion that the season is drastically too long and needs to be cut down.  I think the regular season should end at the close of July with the playoffs in August and the championship series the first week of September.  Season over right as we are transitioning to America’s new pasttime, football.  Boom, problem solved.

Or, maybe I just think this because I’ve been a bitter, defeated Cubs fan my whole life?

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